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How to fix your karma

Take a trip to the core part of yourself.  Understand who you really are, connect to your guardian angel and release old karma and move towards the future you are capable of, and have dreamed of.  

Karma is the cumulation of actions and can be good or more challenging. 

Many conditions have been helped by Carolyn who is very experienced in treating people for a variety of problems.  Including: Slimimng where there may have been starvation in a past life which causes a need for extra food in this.  You may need to understand a relationship, to find out what karmic implications are resonating between your astrological charts, or in your past life relationships.  You can take time to change your luck, or check out new hobbies, on a spiritual adventure to create the most with your precious time on this Earth.

Also Anxiety        Relationships    Depression   School & Test Situations    Self Esteem

Get in touch if you have any questions.  Text 07713247415 if you want a call.

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