Meet your Angel

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We all have a Guardian Angel, Guide or Spiritual Helper, and everyone is capable of contacting theirs. It takes just a few moments with Carolyn to help you reach your Highest levels of Guidance and Healing, and make the contact that will be with you for the rest of your life. Angels come to us on their own terms - of tenderness and love. They work with our souls and our universal mind. They can be called upon to help us. 

Why not meet your own "Guardian Angel? Contact your Guardian Angel, and ask questions about your life.  What would you like to find out? What answers do you need in your life now? What insight would you like with your projects, and  how would you like your Guardian Angel to help you? 

If you contact your angel, the guidance you get will enable you to understand many relationships, struggles and problems in your life. You can learn to contact this inner wisdom on your own, and use the contact whenever you like.  A take-home CD is made of the session.

Angels are in every culture around the world and work with everyone. They have a finer vibration than humans and work differently from us but are always aware of us, even if we are not so aware of them. Our closest is our companion, our Guardian Angels.


In your session, you will be given a guided relaxation and an aura and charka clearing in order to release you from your negative thoughts or emotional challenges. This removes low vibrational frequencies, so you can call in the highest vibrational guidance. If you are too loaded mentally, emotionally or physically, with problems this may require more extensive work prior to being able to establish a permanant relationship with your spiritual guardians. Once you are ready and at peace within yourself, you will then be taken in a guided meditation, which involves changing your brainwave patterns to deep level of consciousness, with alpha and delta combined, where you will be able to contact your Guides or Guardian Angel. You will become aware of the message that they are offering you which will be right for you at whatever time in your life you attend. The mind communicates through symbols - you will be helped to understand the symbolism that you are being offered. Every session you will be able to go home with the most profound message for you and you may also be offered some special healing from the Angelic realms.

This connection with your Guardian Angel or Guide will change your level of consciousness and will open the communication link between you and your Highest level of guidance for the rest of your life, insuring that you can be in tune with your soul. It is like reclaiming a telent humans used to have, but have lost in the materialistic present.


The Orders according to the book of Enoch, an ancient text about seven thousand years old which details the Jewish Mysteries: The Cabbala, which have been passed into the Christian tradition. However, Angels do not have and religious affiliation and are discovered in all cultures around the world, but are classified according to their roles:

The Heavenly counsellors 
1. Seraphim - Angels of Love, Light and fire 
2. Cherubim - Full of knowledge 
3. Thrones - Wheels of transformative energy

The Heavenly Governors 
4. Dominions 
5. Virtues 
6. Powers

The Heavenly Messengers 
7. Principalities - always in the presence of God 
8. Archangels 
9. Angels

The Angels are closest to humanity and therefore are concerned with human affairs. They can be companion angels and guides. Archangels are over lighting the angels and we have heard of them in the Bible: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. The principalities are the guardians of large groups such as cities, nations or multi-nationals. Angels are in all religions, most particularly in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, as well as in Zoroastrianism. For example, they are mentioned about 300 times in the bible. Dan. 16.22, Acts 27:21-6, and even having fun before the world in Job 38:7. We understand that they have been given the difficult task of helping mankind in Psalms 91:11-12, and that they are immortal and ageless in Matt 22:30, and that they are sexless and visible or invisible.  In the Bhagvad Gita they give daily offering to Angels, and all of the major religions of the world include the higher orders as part of their understanding of the world of spirit. 

The Archangel Michael is a being of magnificent glory and light, and his mission is to work will the angelic beaings as their leader. He accompanies the spirit of Christ and brings an influx of light, divine love and divine wisdom. He is known to carry a sword which symbolises spiritual truth and a weapon to guard you through your crisis.

"If you can't hear the angels, try quieting the static of worry."  ~Valentine Sterling 

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