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Karmic relationships have developed over many lifetimes.  You can discover the karmic relationship from the astrological relationship.   All you need is your dates of birth and time and place, and then you can calculate what the planets do to each other.  Each planet creates a different frequency.  The Mood, which holds the Earth in balance in its orbit, affects the tides and pulls the waters of the Earth, and affects us, transiting each astrological sign every three days.  As it passes each sign it will trigger aspects in your natal chart, activating certain things each month.  

In relationships we will look at how the planets are interacting so that mars represents drive and the male energy of creation, and venus the female receptive energy.  There is also many other planets which may be impacting your relationship which can be very important for you to understand.  If you are considering marriage, an astrological analysis would be an excellent way of finding out the interactions, potentials and challenges.  

Karma can also be from a past life.  If you want to find out about your past life connections, a few sessions of past life regression will reveal the complexity and meaning of the past life relationships.  It is a simple easy experience to go into a past life.  Carolyn will gently guide you to discover your past relationship with each other, and how that is impacting your life today. Each session is about 2 hours, and will involve some questions, before entering into a light trance where you will go into a past life. 93% of participants in a study of students entered a past life whether they believed in past lives of not (Study conducted on 65 students in 1995-6).

Counselling for Relationships

"Ineeded to clarify things after my partner told me that the relationship was coming to an end.  Carolyn is very professional and yet guided us to a solution for our communication issues.  We had 9 sessions, seven together, and one each on our own.  Our communications really improved, and I was able to understand what had been going wrong and make changes.  Carolyn helped us both see the other person's point of view.  We began talking properly and connected again.  It is now even better than when we first got together.  I think relationship counselling really helped us find a true love for each other".

Andrew, November 2012.

Couple counselling involves understanding your connection to yourself and your ability to be intimate with another human.  We all learn from our chilhood how to form bonds with others.  Sometimes messages from childhood are carried with us, and may not be very clear to us.  Counselling can help us to understand how messages from the past can be impacting our current relationships.  An initial assissment is made which lasts 90 minutes, and then a block of six sessions would be suggested.

What would happen in the sessions?

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