How Much

Specialized hypnosis  (quit cigarettes/cure deprsesion/food issues/school issues/life direction/weight-loss/spiritual adventure/past life regression/personal growth/healing the past) 3 sessions: £360. (Taster session: £45 for 45 minutes).

Relationship Counselling 0-6 sessions: understanding what went wrong; sort differences; let go of hurts; communication enhancement : £60 for 50 mins or £288/6(sessions booked in advance). 6-20 sessions: work through more in-depth issues (from childhood), or psychosexual issues, abuse, neglect : £60 for 50 mins or £288/6(advanced booking)

Individual Counselling 0-6 sessions: Self-esteem, career, stuff from the past, understanding your self-sabotaging and helping your subcon to get on-board with what you want to achieve: : £60 for 50 mins or £288/6 

6-20 sessions: working with addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, being right, major loss, depression: : £60 for 50 mins or £288/6 

Past Life Regression a consultation with a personalized induction and journey to your past lives to discover who you were, what you did, where you lived, and who you knew : £120 (90 minutes). If you would like a recording of the session CD (£10 extra).  Credit cards accepted for this.

Meet your Guardian Angel 90 min session with a personalized programme to meet your Guardian Angel.  You will receive an aura cleansing first so that your energy is able to rise up to the level required.  Then you will be able to ask a question or two that you have prepared.  The recording can be sent immediately by email or you may have a CD of the session for you to use later £10 extra.  You will be able to meet your guardian angel at Karmafix, in central Edinburgh, as you will have to be in Carolyn's etheric energy for this very special life changing meeting. £120.

Fairy Favours 90 minutes session with a personalized programme to meet your needs, taro reading, aura cleansing, mental and emotional changes and assistance with achieving your personal goals as well as having some important questions answered.  Recording can be made and sent immediately by email or you may have a CD of the session for you to use later £120.  

Astrofix 1 hr consultation £60 for karmic patterns and relationship understanding and career consultation.  Sessions can be done by telephone and the recording emailled or sent by post (£10 extra).

Life between lives If you would like to go further and to contact your soul, spiritual guidance and guardian angel, you can take a life between life session of four hours in the inter-life.  You will meet your spiritual group, understand your life purpose, heal karma and release relationship issues, as well as understanding why you chose your birth situation and family. You need to have at least 3 sessions of past life therapy prior to conducting your LBL session. Four hour LBL session £200, or buy the programme  of three past life sessions and LBL inter-life 4 hour session: for £450.

rTMShpnotherapy is only available at Hypnofix.  It has been very effective for the following: Weight Loss, Detox & Health Commitment,  Commitment to an exercise regime, Sports Success,  Phobias

6 sessions Hypnotherapy: booked in advance for commitment to change your life:  50 mins Assessment and Hypnotherapy, 20-25 minute recorded personalized treatment rTMShpnotherapy which is then taken home as a CD.  At £90 per month for a year, you will achieve your most fabulous goals in that time: connection with your Guardian Angel, health programme, transform your work-life balance, heal your relationships, connect with your soul, feel younger and energized. 

Combination of counselling & hypnosis for two sessions a month at £160 paid each month for a year.  You will achieve whatever your longterm goals are in that time.  This is the best option for longterm weight management which includes psychological changes. 

Also slimfix programmes available for individuals wishing to achieve longterm weight reduction.

All appointments are made in advance and would need 48 hours cancellation or fees apply

Contact Carolyn to sign up or text 07713247415 for a call back to discuss your needs.  15 minutes free consultation.

Contact Carolyn to sign up or text 07713247415

Contact by email to arrange sessions :

Please make a bank transfer for telephone consultations.  If you wish the calls recorded this is £10 extra, and can be sent by email. 

    Texts Welcome: 07713247415               Fix your Karma!             8 Eyre Crescent, EH3 5ET