Life between life

Many of us have questions about life and what lies beyond it: 'What is my purpose on Earth?' 'Is there a "spirit world"?' 'What is it like and what happens there?' 'Will I be reunited with loved ones?'Regression to the time before birth allows you to understand why you chose your birth parents and family circumstances, and what the relationship was with other people, both friends and enemies.  You can understand your past life hangovers that you are dealing with in this life, and the karma that you are here to work on.  Health conditions and your gifts and talents are indicators of past life situations, and may play an important part in your karma.  As well as understanding your soul group and what the purpose of the soul group is, you are able to understand how you are to be involved in playing out that purpose.

You will need at least three past life sessions before you are practiced enough to go to the inter-life.  The inter-life regression session usually takes four hours, and should be planned carefully.  Try a few past life regression sessions before attempting the soul information you can get from this deeply spiritual experience.  Each past life session is scheduled for 2hours, and can be recorded if you wish, and the life-between-lives session.


Carolyn Clark was a trainer with Dr Michael Newton, author of 'Journey of Souls' and 'Destiny of Souls', Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.  She was part of the team that helped bring this spiritual training to Europe.  It involves a deep state of trance, affording individuals the opportunity to access soul memories.   


During the process of recalling soul-state experiences, you care also able to visit many important past lives as well as re-experience the planning of their incarnation, which offers valuable information about what your soul  wishes to achieve in this lifetime. 

 LBL is similar to Past Life Regression, but the two experiences differ. With an LBL you will be able to re-experiencing the soul-state of 'life between lives'  The sessions are around 4 hours and you will take some time to "come down" from the experience.  The insights you get are of a much deeper significance, and give you an understanding about your life and what you are here to achieve.  You will gain understanding of challenges experienced in your current life, and how they are playing a part in your spiritual growth.

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