Time on your side


How do you use your time?  Let astrology give you the timing of events, and the psychological significance of the events, so that you will know what to expect when, and how to plan for it.  For example, if you have relationship worries, and your Venus has been having a hard time in aspect with Saturn, you may feel that the world is not being very generous.  The phase will get stronger and stronger and then will wain again.  There may then be another planet coming into the picture, for example Uranus. Uranus can be very disruptive and will feel like sudden happenings.  If you are aware that Uranus is about to hit off important parts of your chart, then you can prepare.  Being prepared will help you be more aware of situations and the potential explosiveness that can happen.  If you are able to understand the changes that are to be made and let go of restrictions from the past this will be an easier transition.  Carolyn has been a consultant astrologer for over thirty years, and has specialized in transits and relationship charts.  Astrofix your life: £60 for an hour - ask all the questions you need about your life.  Sessions can be recorded/conducted by phone (£10 extra to have the CD posted to you).  

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