Fat reduction


In Scotland we are second to the US for obesity rates.  It is said that fat will bankrupt the NHS!

Is your diet and lifestyle out of control?  Are you able to make the changes that you need to regain some health?  If you make dietary changes, and begin the process of changing your life, you will most likely come to what we call resistance.  It may be that others sabotage you, or you sabotage yourself.  Perhaps you have deep inner changes that need to be  made before the lifestyle changes can be made.  This is what happens when people are trying to change their lifestyle revert back to their old ways.  When we are using hypnosis combined with integral counselling, we are able to make profound changes, and overcome the resistance that will pop up.  If you are keen to really make some lifestyle changes, you could consider taking a year and doing 12 sessions spaced out each month.  This allows you to really address the psychological and subconscious issues that are lurking beneath the surface of your awareness.  

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