Emotional Detox

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DNA experiments have shown that there is a direct influence of feelings on DNA activityGregg Braden has shown the work done by Dr Vladimir Poponin, a quantum biologist, where a vacuum was created and then DNA was placed inside a container and showed that the ordering of the DNA was affecting the non-physical photons.  Even when the DNA was removed the photons remained ordered, showing that the effect of your DNA will pattern the matter around it.  Your DNA reflects who you are, and changes with your mood.  In the 'Magus of Strovolos', Markedes explains how our psychonoetic energy systems create our physical conditions.  Mental and emotional health are required for physical health.  When we are holding unhealthy patterns of thought and emotions, then this will create patterns in our bodies.

With an emotional detox you will discover what patterns you are resonating that are damaging to your health, and delete them.  Carolyn assists you with this process.  It may involve regression to incidents in the past, to fully understand and release the past emotions.  Once you have completed the healing of the past, you can heal the hangovers in the present.  

You may then create the future you are dreaming of.  You  can also progress to a future life, and discover how to bring greater love, happiness, and joy into your life.  You can journey to the future in this life, or to a future potential you in the next life, and focus on the positives that you are moving towards, to create the present in its most healthy potential.

See your future self: Answer many doubts, see how you are capable of being alive and happy.  

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