How Regression Therapy works

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Past Lives come up in our day-to day life.  You may have a familiar feeling when you meet someone, you may think that you have been somewhere before, but know that you have not.  The scientific proof is that you speak a language that you could not have learnt in this life.  But past lives do affect how we are today.  If you had some trauma in a past life, such as watching your children burn to death, you may feel deep guilt and not be able to relate in a healthy way to your children in this life, stifling them with over-concern and worry.  You may have been promised something by someone, and then been betrayed, and it may have cost you your life, or perhaps you have starved to death or were blamed for something you did not do.  Today we can go back and discover where our soul pain is and set ourselves free.  

Relationships are very interesting because our enemies may actually be our biggest teachers.  How we work through our problems can be greatly helped with the insights gained from regression therapy.  You are gently guided into a past life through a meditation, which frees your mind to connect to what you need to know.  As you go to that past you will remember how you were then, and feel the size and shape of the body, you will be able to journey along that life remembering the important incidents in that life, as they happened.  For some people the recall happens deep in the body, and physical symptoms are understood.  If you were hung to death in a past life, you may find that you have always had a sore neck, which is relieved after the re-living of the past life and the healing that happens afterwards.  

This is a story about a boy who remembered his past life.

The difference between fantasy and memory can be clearly seen here.  In memory, there is consistency, and the memory is always the same.  There is also an emotional content, as he is still attached to his mother in the past life in Bara.

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