Who are you

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At the time of birth you are aware of the reason you incarnated.  You are aware of your mother's feelings, your situation at birth, and all the emotions and thoughts of those around.  You are still aware of why you chose this little body that you are going to grow inside of, and the challenges it will bring for  you.  You may be aware of any genetic defects, and family challenges.  Perhaps there are lessons you have come to learn, or love that you want to link up to again, by being with your favourite spiritual friends.  

You can find out what is happening inside your mother's body at the time of your birth?  Did she want you?  Do you feel safe, or was there some problems that she was having that impacted you before you were born.  We can carry fears and worries around with us because of things that were happening to our mother and impacted us before we were even born.  Regression therapy helps you to discover who you really are by going back in time to your birth. 

As you regress to your birth you are able to gain clarity about who you are, and some of your life missions and qualities.  It is very helpful for working out why things are the way they are in your life.

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