Mind Power

When we have entered an altered state of awareness or meditation, we are able to clear our negativities.  These can be hurts from the past, thoughts that are blocking us, and can be removed by meditation with healing light energy.

Thoughts are head based, and the emotions such as compassion, create an effect which changes an electromagnetic field in the heart.  It is very much stronger than the mind, so when we change our thoughts we can change our field of energy and we change the atoms within the field of which we are made.  It is the way we create spontaneous healing.  So, we are able to change our physical reality by transforming our mind and emotions, and it can happen as soon as you change your belief and emotion attached to your belief.  This has been documented (see below).  The power behind this capacity is compassion. 

Ancient wisdom handed down through Tibetan monks, and others for generations, teach that humans can live their dreams. 

Greg Braden has researched how we can achieve being one with our thoughts.   Max Plank (father of Quantuum Science) said that the Matrix, or the Field, is the space that is the background of all that is in our world. This is the matrix of all matter, on which thought, etc is projected.   In the West, the information was edited out of the holy works, in the 4th Century, when some books were taken out of the Bible.  

This  can be achieved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMNaPmmuHCs

More information on spiritual training from Stuart Wilde:


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